An editorial design about the Garamond typography.
  • The Idea...
  • was to make a 100% typographic magazine about the Garamond font family. It had to include its history, most of its variables with their respective description, and a comparison of the most used variables now a days.
  • The Content...
  • includes articles from the web. The pieces about each variable were put together with information from the web. The Garamond poster was designed by Tikdam Studio and was used as inspiration for the Jannon poster. As an educational project, it was all about editorial design.
  • The Design...
  • had to be clean. Having lots of variables, meant having a lot of fonts in the layout without one of them taking the spotlight. Yes, we all know fonts are drama queens trying to get attention. That need of uniformity, inspired by ink and paper used in the old days, is why the magazine is black and white.
  • Fun Fact...
  • Jean Jannon's font designs were attributed to Claude Garamond for a long time. What a scandal! That's why his fonts and its variables are part of the large Garamond font family.
  • Message